Been talking to this guy on a dating site for 5 days and hasent asked me out yet, should I assume it's never going to happen?

I'very been chatting with this guy online for 5 days now on a dating site. So far he's the one I'm most interested in. It seems like he's a really nice guy trying to get to know me and seems like we have good connection and similar vales. I'm just curious though because I've been talking to him for 5 days. He mentioned he is shy and has no they anyone on there yet and has been ok thw site for many months. He said his reason for not meeting anyone is that he is really shy. I would really like to meet him but am I wasting time or am I expecting too much too soon and it's good to get to know one another more before meeting?


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  • Why haven't you asked him to meet up?


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