What do you think about guys who reject a "lets just be friends" request?

So I asked this girl out and she hit me with a "lets just be friends" I told her no thanks and that I wasn't looking for a friend and I walked away. Since then she's been texting me a lot, but I completely cut her off. I'm not going waste my time giving her attention when u could be pursuing other girls. What do you think about this?


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  • I don't say that anymore because I've realized how much it upsets guys, but when I did, most of the times I didn't really mean let's actually be friends and hang out together. It was more like... "I value you as a person but I'm not romantically interested in you so let's move on with no hard feelings" and my way of trying to convey that and cushioning the blow would be to say "let's just be friends" (who soon drift apart and don't talk to each other anymore).

    Like I said though, I avoid the whole "friends" spiel now.

    • She kept a couple other guy around who she "lets just be friends"'d so I think she was doing it for attention or an ego boost.

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  • I had it done to me recently. I politely told her it been nice meeting her and hanging out with her (we'd gone out three times) but that we were looking for different things, so good luck.

    I was pissed off about having had my time wasted but at the same time, we'd had some fun so I wasn't going to be a jerk about it.


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  • Tbh that's fair enough, it's better to do that than to have this friend you fancy but who's off limits. You also guard against girls who will use your liking them to their advantage (the friendzone). If people don't like it, that's their problem!


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