Guys, What's your honest opinion on this online dating profile?

I'm not on here looking for ***holes or attitudes ! So if you can't take rejection like a mature adult or get an attitude with me just because I ask a simple / normal dating type question like " Do you have a picture that shows your face?" Then you need not bother emailing me ! Bottom line we are all on here for the same reason, dealing with the same rejection & questions and your not going to win any hearts acting like a total ass or hiding your face !! I am a strong , independent woman with a mind of her own and will make decisions for myself weather or not I want or don't want to do something ! If you insist on ignoring or not respecting my wishes when I don't want to meet on a certain day and try telling me that I really do after I told you I don't then you fall under the ***hole category and will get blocked !

If your still reading I'll assume your not one of " THOSE" guys

Reasons I Reject:

1) LIVES TOO FAR AWAY - Let's be realistic , no one wants to drive a long distance for an extended period of time- It'll get old fast after the newness wears off and I don't want to drive a long distance at all !

2) LOOKS - we all do it , so don't get mad and claim I'm being judgmental or snobby just because your particular look didn't appeal to me - unless you've NEVER EVER turned anyone down who has asked you out or shown interest... then you have a right to call me judgmental and snobby!

3) ATTITUDE - If you do reach the point of swapping emails back and forth and I ask you something and you dodge the question or get flustered and come back at me with an answer , but add that snarky remark with it - I'm outta there because if your getting snippy with me before we even meet and I don't want to find out what your like 6 months down the road ! Dodging questions - your hiding something and I won't stick around to find out what it is!
Your probably thinking I'm a real B%@ch by now- GOOD! Because I probably would too, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

All normal info had to be removed due to size limit on here, so just imagine any normal details between the ones posted. this person's likes, dislikes , personality traits etc ...
I decided to take a sabbatical away from the online dating... When it starts affecting who you are and your personality - it's time to remove yourself from it. I never met men in the real world who behaved like that and was ill-equipped socially to deal with them and in turn it turned me into someone I'm not. Thank You to every one for your opinions , especially those who went in depth!


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  • It comes across as incredibly aggressive. Unnecessarily so.

    You say that it is good that it sounds like a bitch, and it really does come across that way, but then you say it couldn't be further from the truth. But there is nothing in that description to back that claim up. It sounds confrontational, it sounds opposed to compromise and discussion. It sounds like someone carrying a ton of baggage from a bunch of shitty dates with a bunch of douche-bag guys.

    It will attract either hyper-alpha guys who will see it as a challenge to try and break that down because it does seem like it is built on a soft core, or submissive guys that really want a woman that is dominant and assertive and rolls over them. It will definitely put off 'nice guys' that have dominant personalities, as they will see it as a huge nightmare waiting to happen.

    Dating sites are full of guys that ignore the profile and leave asshole messages and flake out and all of that. But it seems like you are writing this profile to THEM, like you are writing the profile to the guys you DON'T want to date. You should be writing the profile to attract the ones you DO want, not to threaten the ones you don't. You will attract assholes regardless, they are like the ants at a picnic in online dating. So ignore them, block them when they message, and write a profile that appeals to the guys you want, rather than writing a profile to the guys you don't want.

    That's my advice, anyway.

    • You pretty much hit it on the nail ! Soft core, but once cornered (or pushed) can be like a cornered wild animal... it was written after not just one , but several guys contacting me thought even after I said I didn't want to meet them - they knew better and basically tried telling me I did with when and where! I'm normally very kind and submissive actually, but when push comes to shove I do shove back even though it's not something I'm naturally comfortable doing. My original profile , I thought must have been too weak and sweet which made them think they could without even knowing me tell me what I was going to do.

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    • Damn, I'd buy this guy some beer.

    • No, I'll just pay it forward and take the time to give thoughtful and insightful opinions for others to the best of my ability! Though I don't think I could give this deeply, insightful of a response !

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  • Honestly, you come across as a raging bitch.

    Nothing against you, personally, because I don't know you, but if I came across that profile, that would be my first impression, and I would move on immediately.

    It's not because I am one of the guys that you're trying to ward against (and I applaud you for knowing what you want), but the whole thing suggests that you have an attitude problem.

    I would be concerned about that bleeding over into a relationship, and making you combative, which is not something I'd want to deal with, so I wouldn't even waste my time.

    My point being, you're just as likely to scare off decent guys as you are to weed out the crappy ones.

    • Great point!

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    • You're very welcome. I tried to be honest, without being insulting, so I'm glad it was appreciated.

    • It was !!

  • I think this person sounds like a real bitch who would be a royal pain in the ass. That's my honest opinion.

  • sounds so personal for just reading a simple dating profile. the person needs to take a chill pill lol.

  • Clear, cut, honest, straight to the point

    But i would be damn scared and hesitant to message you first.

  • tbh, you sound too angry to date...

  • I think that's pretty cool and straight forward

  • This shouldn't be an opinion but rather a MyTake.

    • Why? I'm asking what guys would think if they came across this profile on a dating site, It's not MY take on anything- rather asking for opinions!

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