Guys, was he expecting more?

I did the mistake of online dating again. I know it's bad because I couldn't meet any normal and decent guys. I know other girls who met their bfs online, however.

I spoke to this guy, and he couldn't see my picture in chat so I sent it to him. He hasn't said anything since then.

I know I am a beautiful and hot woman, and this is how guys describe me. The picture I sent him is a normal one-I wear a coat and my hair is blown by the wind, and I smile. Kind of innocent one lol. Was he expecting me to send him a sexy picture or what?

It doesn't feel good to be rejected like this, though I day to myself good riddance. I don't want to send a picture that shows my body more because some guys think a girl is easy so.

What do you think?


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  • Stop worrying about online contacts that don't go anywhere. That will happen a lot. One summer I had 15 first dates and no second dates. Six months later I met my girlfriend on match and we've been together seven years. Don't get emotionally invested in people you haven't met in person. And don't waste time with a bunch of E-mail and text before meeting.

    • I am glad you met someone eventually

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  • Why the fuck would you care what he expected?
    He's not entitled to anything but what you give him.

    Maybe he has other stuff (or women) to do.
    Maybe something happend.
    Or maybe you just have that skill - picking assholes out of a crowd.
    Try a different type of guy than the ones you usually end up with.

    • wow that sounds realistic. Maybe you're right:)

  • In my opinion, good riddance to the guy, if he was interested in you, he would put more effort into getting to know you as a person more than wanting to see what you looked like. From the way it went down it doesn't seem like he found you alluring enough for his tastes, but it doesn't mean you aren't a beauty, don't let one guys judgement ruin your own self worth.

    • Thank you for your answer:)

    • You're very welcome, good luck in your search for true romance, and a guy that will appreciate all you have to offer them.

  • I would wait for his response. If he doesn't reply at all, then he's rude and not the sort of person you want to date. If he replies and doesn't like your looks then again, you wouldn't want to date him. If he likes what you look like, then good!

    As for revealing pictures, I have to say I have never dated someone on the basis of being attracted by revealing pictures. OK maybe once or twice, but they have to be able to sustain a conversation!

  • Don't be one of those small-minded one-dimensional chicks who think that it's a mistake to date online. People are people, and people online are just people with computers. That's it.

    • ... I've only ever dated people I met in real life and I assure you that crazy and indecent is online or off.

    • Yes you're right, but I don't have a nice memory with online dating. It never had a good outcome with me.: Guys who are weirdos, players who want only sex straight, extremely nervous and shy guys, guys who are lying about their appearance. Etc.

    • I can understand that.

  • Nobody likes to be rejected, but women normally have more options than men when it comes to choosing partners. Women don't even have to put in effort to get men. I know a girl that has 300 likes on her profile pic just because she looks hot, men are visual creators and you've gotta understand this. Men communicate through vision, while women communicate through touch. Men like to fix things, women like to complain about it. It's just completely different thought processes. If he didn't respond, then he probably didn't find you attractive and according to his standards, but that's nothing to self-conscious about. At least he wasn't mean and said you were ugly or anything. You've gotta learn to move on and not take anything from strangers so personally.


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