Feelings for someone you haven't met?

Do you think this relationship is healthy.
met online he was very attracted to me physically very persistent kept wanting to talk to me even when I wasn't interested.. Then after we started skyping keeping in touch by video calls. over time both us started gaining feelings for each-other. Things did get heated during video calls and both people saw each others bodies and very sexual. One of them couldn't take it anymore and told the person they love them. And the other person didn't say it back. He tried to explain to her that he cares for her a lot and liked her a lot but wants to wait until he can actually tell " I love you" and mean it. by the way the guy is very religious and waiting for marriage. The girl is not so sure but not as religious as the guy.
The guy also says he has a hard time seeing a future with a girl he hasn't met ( both are unable to meet because of financial personal reasons)
this obviously hurt the girl so the girl isn't sure whether to end the relationship or keep it just as a friendship what do you think?
  • Leave the relationship it's not gonna work
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  • Stay friends ( no sexual activity)
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  • Stay in online relationship but be aware of consequences
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Lol I changed this so quickly from me to girl xD
Opinions would be nice


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  • How do you know she likes him, it could be an attraction

    • Because it's me lol and I do like him

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