Bf is staying with me while visiting?

So my 28 year old bf of 4 years moved away to ga from pa 4 months ago for a better job offer. He is up here visiting. I plan on moving in with him once I have more money saved up. He is here for a visit and obviously he is staying with me in my apartment for the week he is here. His mom lives about 15 minutes away from me and told my bf that she was hurt that he chose to stay with me over his own mother. If he stayed with her he would have had to share a room with his 21 year old brother so it would just make more logical sense to stay in the apartment with me. Besides it is a place to sleep I don't even know why it matters to her so much. I could understand if he wasn't visiting his mom at all but he is we plan on spending like 3 or 4 of the days he is here with her. I just can't wrap my head around why sh he thinks her 28 year old son would sleep in her house with her over his gfs apartment. It seems like she has an unhealthy attachment where she doesn't wanna see him grow up. He thinks its odd too because he told me its a place to sleep like why does it matter where he stays? Are we the weird ones for having him stay here with his gf or do you think his mom is in the wrong here?


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  • No she's bat shit

    • Yeah she always has been pretty crazy. Its not just me who thinks so either my and even told me himself that he thinks his mother is crazy.

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  • I don't think y'all are in the wrong at all. I know quite a few moms who are overly attached to their son's. It's hard for some moms to let their kids go and let them grow up. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure she will get over it soon enough. If not he needs to have a talk with her and get it through her mind that he is an adult now and shouldn't have to stay with his mom.

    • OK good. I was like maybe I'm being unreasonable here. I mean like I said we still plan on seeing her a lot but it would be weirder in both of our minds if he were to stay with his mom when his gf has a perfectly nice apt for him to stay at

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  • She is afraid of letting him go. I think all mothers at some point go through this type of phase. Although, at 28, it might be strange given the cultural norm.

    • Yeah the whole time we have been dating she has had trouble letting him go. She alwsys said stuff to him like she is just your gf your family always comes first and he would try to very nicely tell her look mom I love you very much but Danielle is also my family now and I expect you to treat her as such because she is very important to me.

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