Is it ever OK to tell who your dating that you feel like a option not a priority?

I'm debating on if I should be blunt and tell my boyfriend that I feel like a option.
he's wants to be with his buddies but was like if it fails then we can go out but I don't know yet
And we have been boyfriend/girlfriend for almost 3 months


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  • Oh you felt like you're his second choice or something? He's only dating you because the girl he really want was either not interested or taken? Is that what you mean?


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  • Wait, are you guys just dating or is he officially your boyfriend? You express two different ideas in your post...
    If just dating, then no because he has not officially committed his time, mental space, heart, and energy to you.
    If he's your boyfriend, you have to step outside of yourself and humbly examine his life, considering why you aren't being made a priority. Is he working a lot? Does he have a demanding educational schedule? Is he a busy-body with legitimate things to get done? Is he suffering from depression? Is he just a spaz who doesn't know how to properly balance his time? Figure out why first then try to remedy the cause.

    If he's just not making time for you at all, then it's perfectly fine to have this talk but you have to be considerate of other factors.


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