How do I talk to to girl/ ask her out all of this in 1 week?

Aight I'm actually a very socialy outgoing guy who is loved by almost everybody in the school, I can't go a courtyard without giving a high five or saying hi to a friend. I constantly make the class laugh, And known as that funny guy to everybodyin the school, Im actully sought out for my jokes and my takes on everything, Im in every social circle from the preppy athletes to the socialy inept art kids. Im known as that funny guy who every guy wants to hang out with it, emphasizes on GUY, for some reason dudes love to hang with me cause I'm funny and they also expect me to have a stellar love life often inviting me on double dates and to prom with them and shit, only problem is I have a negative level love life!!! every girl I've asked out has said no, even at homecoming girls refused to dance with me when I asked. I'm just confused how can I have so many friends and be loved by so many people but yet girls hate me? What am I doing wrong? How do you ask out girls? I have only 3 single girls that are friends left, I've gone 17 years without a girl friend, and my senior prom is coming up next week. I'm going to a very traditional southern college (Ole Miss) where women have over the top expectations from men, I need dating experince before I go and this is my last chance, is it even possible right now or is it to late? Thanks guys for attempting this impossible puzzle


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  • well, as a girl.. I would say its either your attitude, or how you ask them out.
    when you ask out a girl.. Only hoes like it when you flirt with them no matter when you're in public, or by yourselves. Most girls who are serious with relationships likes it when you grab her a drink and be a gentleman.. see, you gotta earn her trust if she is willing to give it to you..


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  • Yeah just do it man; the less you think about it the better. Just be direct, tell her exactly what you want and keep it simple stupid.


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  • You just gotta do it. Stop focusing on your past. She's she, she's not the girls that rejected you


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