Should I just visit escorts rather than pursue a relationship?

The problem is am short at 5 foot 6 (which is a major turn off to women), average looking an build. Plus with societys expectations in todays world its just too hard of a competetion unless your tall and goodllooking or average height with good looks or money etc etc, well I dont have to say you know the score. Women want too much that I just can't offer like money, looks and its exhausting that i just dont want to chase women anymore because its making me feel empty inside with all these rejections.

I look after my self by dressing smart, styling my hair, work out and have general confidence around them and most women like my sense of humour to make them laugh and enjoy my company but they just dont find me sexually attractive or appealing because i dont look like what a ideal man should look like in a womens eyes and I know this because of all the nice looking lads that are bigger than me just have to say hi or make eye contact to get their attention and their the lads that get approached. I have never been in a relationship before just only one night stands and at 22 have just learned to enjoy my own company to be fair. So deep down am not alone or anything... its just the people that make you feel alone which am seeing quite clearley right now.

All am saying is there's only so much I can do to make my self look better like how I dress, workout whatever and none of them seem to work the only solution I have is to focus on making more money to attract and yeah i know its horrible to say that but in this life some people have to make do with the cards their dealt with. Am not asking for your pity just the solution to my question because am lost on what to do on this scenario... like i said dont pity me because I have good friends, family that love me and finacially secure with qualifications so am not that bad, am just a very a unlucky man in some parts of my life which I can't control much over of.

I would appreciate your honesty and time

Thanks everyone
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Most Helpful Girl

  • stop whining and lower your unrealistic standards im sure plenty of short average looking girls (which is how you described yourself) will be happy to date you. If you just want smoking hot absolutely flawless women you will be lonely and no one gives a shit.

    • lol... I never said smoking hot babes just women in general that are shallow and its easy for you to say your a women, you dont have to approach men and face rejections daily

Most Helpful Guy

  • Being 5 ft 6 has nothing to do with how successful you are with women. I have a friend who has LOADS of girlfriends and he is about that tall. But he's good looking and exudes confidence.

    I'm not that tall myself (5 ft 8ish) and really have more women than I can deal with. Don't get hung up on the height.

    • ... I must be unattractive because I do take care of my self and approach women, a mean does it matter what race you are?

    • Doesn't matter to me what race you are - some people have preferences but that's not a huge proportion of your demographic, surely.

    • I dont know I get lot of 'your not my type' sort of thing... what does this mean?

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What Girls Said 3

  • Try online dating. It sounds cliche, but when people actually get to talk without any expectations, it really does turn the tables. You sound like a well spoken and intelligent guy, so I am sure that you won't be alone forever. The dream girl will show up I'm sure. Don't loose hope, keep trying :)

    • I have tried but never replys although i was using unpaid sites so are they any different to the ones you pay for?

  • I've dated shorter guys before it's no big deal to me & fuck society man it's ridiculously hypocritical and their standards of "beauty" and "perfection" are otherwise unobtainable. Be happy being you, you'd be surprised how many chicks are attracted to men simply because they carry themselves with confidence. Good luck :)

  • I'm sure shorter girls would date you... I'm 5'8" so that's why I won't date short men

    • Honest to god you don't know what their like... they just as bad. Its competition and a game and I don't want to play it or have any part of it because its all a game of poker. The one with a shit deck has no chance in beating the lad with a good deck you know

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    • Yes it's a great reason. Sorry but I don't want to look down on my boyfriend. Most girls want their guys taller than them.

    • @TheSpartan how tall are you?

What Guys Said 2

  • Use escorts for now, but learn to become a masculine badass who doesn't five a shit. If you master that, you'll get women. Trust me.

    • What do you mean badass like treating them like shit because women like assholes dont they?

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    • So your saying take loads of steds and practically start living in gym?

    • No, not at all. Doing something like Stronglifts 5x5 will help, though.

  • Neither find you a fck buddy/friend with benefits

    • Yeah but thats just as hard

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    • I suppose which site?

    • Plenty of fish. Don't mention you're looking for a friends with benefits though unless you are talking to one. Just make sure if you do find one make it sound like you're good at sex or if you have a big dick say it but don't sound like a creep when you do

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