Why am I so bad on relationships?

I haven't had a girlfriend so far. They don't like me. Why? Do you think that is because of my physical appereance?


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  • One you are not ready
    Two you don't know much about dating
    Three read books about dating
    And women
    Thee end result will take time !


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  • You have to learn how to use rejection to your advantage. Just think about what you did wrong. One of the key things to confidence is not caring what they'll think of you or how they'll respond to your decision. Looks don't seem to be a problem, but maybe you're wearing the wrong you of clothing or you have a style that doesn't suit you properly? Go up to a woman and simply say hi. Ask her how her day has been and don't be afraid to ask a few questions her and there after the conversation has taken off. If she's talking to you, that's a good sign that she's at least interested. If she's being vague or giving short replies or answers, then I would just move on. After talking to women for a while, it's easy to tell whether they're just being friendly or if they're interested.


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  • ok u r not perfect... yet not bad-looking of course... maybe u r waiting girls 2 make the 1st move? or u seem "cold" most of the times?

    • yes i seem cold. I'm dignified person such that I don't know how to approach girls

  • How often do you go out and introduce yourself, meet other girls?

    • never. After some of girls rejecting me , I became asocial. I'm scared of girls

    • There's problem #1 brother

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