Should I wait to Contact him?

Been talking to this guy for a good while now. Wednesday after me and him had class I went to his house to hangout and I end up staying over his house. We both had good time, we talk about how we felt about each stay up talked and listen to music. The next day we both had classes and he told me he will text him later and he did, when he text me he send me pictures because on his way to going to class he hit and deer and he also was told that he nephew had to go into surgery so he had to rush to the hospital so he had crazy day. So when text me he telling all of this we talked for couple of minutes and the he text saying he going to bed and I replied saying "okay goodnight" and 20 minutes later he replied saying "jumped into the shower still had glass in my car" night. So the thing is I want to text him today but Thursday through Sunday he has his son and that's their time to spend time with each other, and I do not know if I should just wait to text him tomorrow and to see how he is doing or text him tonight. The reason why I am hesitate to text him because he has his son and spending time with him. I just need advice on this. If it matter my age is 24 and his age 33.


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  • Text him now. If he I too busy to respond, he'll let you know.


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