Did he tell his friend about our date do you think?

So basically I went on a date a couple of weeks ago. It was dreadful and wasn't the best experience (basically the guy tried to force himself on me more or less). I had initially gotten in contact with my date through a mutual friend. Anyway, I went to an event today and the guy who had initially introduced me to my 'date' a couple of weeks ago was there. He had seen my 'date' the previous weekend for his birthday celebration.

So, the guy asked me how my date went with my 'date' a few weeks ago, asking if he was a reliable guy, whether I liked him etc. He even seemed apologetic for some reason, which I told him not to be. He told me that my 'date' hadn't told me anything about how our date had gone, which I find hard to believe as they are quite close friends and he had been to the guy's birthday party the week before.

Do you think the guy was trying to get some information out of me, by acting like he didn't know anything about the whole ordeal? It was a bit strange that he would bring it up..


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  • Pretty sure he told him. He just wanted to get your side of the story. No worries.

    • I kind of got that vibe too, but wasn't too sure.. I told him that he could ask the guy if anything. I don't want to start gossip

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