Is there still any hope?

I took a girl to the park last week and things seemed to go great. Anyways, I asked her out in person on Tuesday and said we are going to... place on Friday . She first asked what the weather was like and then said she will text me. Fastforward to today, I text her because I have not heard a reply. She tells me she cannot go on Friday and I respond that is fine. She then says "Sorry maybe another day." I responded with another day, but she said she plays soccer on that day. I then asked her about next week and she says she does not know yet. I finally said ok thats fine, we can go another time. The question is, is there any hope left with this girl? Should I just give up on trying to get her or should I try again next week. The only thing is she asked about the weather on Tuesday and then said she would text me. This was also going to be an outdoors activity.


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  • There's partial hope. Ask her tomorrow, and tell me if it works.


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