I feel insecure what should I do?

so i have a girlfriend and get quite jealous when she does things like put her arm over other people because she won't do it to me. and i no the reason is because she is self consicous about being the same gender and if someone asks she doesn't want to lie about not being with me but she doesn't want to tell everyone that we are both bi. but i just feel like she doesn't have as strong as feeling towards me but i truly no she does. i just can't get this feeling out of my head and im scared it will start putting blocks in our realationship. i hate being that jealous girlfriend and I've never had this issue before it keeps me up at night... what should i do. i realize im so young and that some people dont except gay rights or believe in this type of realationship but i would prefer if i would only get useful advice please.

thank you.


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  • I think the fact that she won't put her arm on you tells you a lot. I would never be with a person who is too embarrassed/ashamed/worried about being seen with me that they won't even touch me publicly. But if you want to be together then you shouldn't feel like that, either talk to her and tell you don't like what she's doing, and keep her hands off others until she gets her hands on you, or just keep reminding yourself that no matter what, she's yours, and only yours. Or my personal favorite just go right up to her, look her in the eyes and say, "baby, I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life making you smile, and I don't give a damn who knows it" then kiss her! Right on the mouth in front of people and lean her down like in the movies.


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  • Just talk to her about it. Trust me I've there. I lost one of my best friends because we dated and she didn't feel comfortable with telling people that she was bi. And that we were dating

    • thank you this is very useful and im sorry it turned out so bad for you

    • It's not your fault at all so don't worry about it. And communication is one of the best things in a relationship but it can also be the hardest so good luck!

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