Friends or Couple? Would be a better idea to remain best friends or maybe star at relationship with him?

So i have a crush on my best friend, i told him, but he was so shocked that a girl would actually do that, that he was being kind of weird about it. He never really told me weather he liked me or to, but i don't really think that matters, i guess. Well anyways do you think it would be a better idea to remain best friends or maybe star a relationship with him, you know, if he would like?


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  • I would say start a relationship.
    If you're best friends it already means that you like each other,
    You like being together and hang out.
    If you're into him just start a relationship,
    I think it would also make your relationship much better,
    You will get to know each other better.
    If you're already best friends why not to make it THE best friends :).
    In my opinion just start a relationship.
    Hopefully you will be very good friends and it won't effect your friendship.
    Don't push it.
    Have a great day,
    Hope I helped.

    FYI : If you have anymore question or updates for the case just comment, I'll be glad to help :)


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  • That all depends on your type of friendship and how he feels about you. This is a subject that is best discussed with your friend. Y'all will have to talk about this soon since it was brought up, it's not something that can really be ignored.


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