If you love something, should you really let it go?

I've been wondering about this. Perhaps you could share your thoughts?

If you really love something, should you actually let it go?

And if it comes back, and it burrows into your ribs, devours your heart and becomes your NEW heart, is it really meant to be?


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  • Don't let it go. Let it multiply

    • What if you run out of hearts to feed its increasingly voracious spawn?

    • Then you give it your very last eke, node, and modicum of energy and capitulate into its current.

    • Damn, you're the only person who bothered to read past the title. I don't know whether to be impressed or depressed. Can it be both?

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What Girls Said 4

  • If you are speaking about the love for another person, absolutely not. If the love is real circumstances do not matter and people who love eachother do not ever want to be let go of.

    • What if the (person, alien heart-devouring parasite, whatever) doesn't want to stay? Is letting it go the best thing to do?

    • One sided love is cruel. You can't force someone to feel something they dont. Let it go, and ve content with the fact it probably is for the best and for good.

  • Not in every situation.

    • Hmm. That would indeed be problematic.

    • There's really no scenario where that girl comes out of it alive...

    • @Octavion It's the only picture like this I could find. Let's just assume death is not imminent.

  • Yes/No- Sometimes

    if you love something you fight for it

    Letting go is a last resort but sometimes necessary
    for the sake of both parties if it becomes too emotionally draining to fight for
    to the point where it effects your own productivy, work, mental health
    and they aren't cooperating "let it go"

    I've let three people go, two came back
    One is happily with someone else and I'm happy for them..

    The important part is just remembering you gave it 100%, 130%for me
    I have a hard time letting go, like I' have to fail several times at trying before I accept that it's over..

  • Wow I don't know. If I feel like it's "meant to be" but now is not the right time then yes I would let it go. However, it is a bit silly to let go of something/someone you care about but what if you don't have a choice? What if not setting that person free ends up pushing you further apart? So much apart than there is never any chance of something ever happening? It's complicated. Love sucks. Love always has to happen at the worst time possible. Or maybe it's just me? I don't know but in my experience, it has always the worst timing. I don't see how you could throw yourself into something you know is doomed from the start. If you are 100% sure it's going to hurt why would you try anyway? It makes no sense.


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  • If you love something you should do what's best for it.

    • How do you know what's best for it?

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    • I see. Love is so complicated.

    • Love isn't usually pleasant. It only feels good when your own personal desires are also able to be met.

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