Can't tell if there is chemistry?

Had our first coffee date. Everything lines up, i am attracted and we have tons in common. Only thing is, she is a little awkward (maybe nervous) but it doesn't feel like we are about to talk the day away, more so just felt like a fun interview.
I want to see her again, but how do I know if there is chemistry? If anything it just logically makes sense for us to work but I don't know if we will..


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you like her give it another shot. ask her again. it's perfectly normal to be nervous. you need to be comfortable with each other in order to feel attracted.
    Relax and try again.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You gotta go in for the kiss man. Make that shit more awkward. If that doesn't work and she slaps you, she isn't interested. Or maybe... she is playing hard to get. In that case, you french kiss her until she has trouble breathing. If her legs are shaking and she can't stand straight (just like in the movies) you got yourself a women. Alpha status achieved.


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  • Hmm maybe try an activity for the next date so you guys can relax and have fun :)


What Guys Said 2

  • Give it another shot. Go on another date and see if she's a little less awkward there. She probably was just nervous as it was your first date...

  • It's too early to know anything for sure. Plan a date and ask her out again next week. If she accepts, she's still interested.


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