When a guy treats you different than he treats other girls?

Usually a good sign?
Example he's flirty with other girls but just nice to you and genuinely sweet or "gentleman"


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  • Each case can vary but it usually means he feels differently about you than the others. Most cases it's a good thing but if he doesn't flirt with you he may not be attracted to you either. But like I said it depends.

    • He just laughs at my jokes like even the most stupid ones

    • That's a good indicator he likes you and feels a comedic bond with you. This is good.

    • And he always does everything for me
      Can i inbox you?

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  • Usually it's a good sign.. If he's nice with you, but not that much with others probably he really likes you and wants to impress you.
    But also probably he's not interested and he just wants to be kind.
    Depends on how he acts overall around you.


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