How to still feel happy with yourself as a female without 'Media' constantly putting me down?

I know I'm not ugly usually people tell me I'm gourgouse but the problem is that everytime I see hot/ pretty girls in the media I feel horrifically ugly... like Il never be as pretty or as good enough.

I know media women are photoshoped and everything I understand that.

plus had an ugly breakup as well my bf had a thing for blondes and young girls, told him how I feel his response was there are gonna be some girls who are gonna be prettier than you and some blondes may be prettier... so there for I broke up... not sure if its my fault but I couldn't function with him as the resentment entered in me towards him.

so after I left him I been trying to work on myself before I enter into another relationship but the "Media" makes me feel like there is something wrong with the way I look... especially the blondes celebrities only cause my ex was into the blondes...

I can't seem to clear my head...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm sure you're beautiful and don't worry about what anyone thinks. As long as you know that you're beautiful no one's words can hurt you and neither can the unrealistic expectations provided by the media. If you ever have any questions or just need someone to talk to you can message me anytime.


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  • Stop going on social media!!
    Discover what's beautiful about yourself
    Stop putting yourself down
    Look in the mirror and give yourself compliments the more you think it the more you'll believe it. Don't let anyone put you down !! Embrace your beauty
    (Things I have to tell myself also)

    • And by beauty I'm mean inside and out... I know this all sounds corny but it works

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    • Aww okay thanks again dear. :)

    • I like brunette most time...

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  • Easiest is to ignore social media or did social media that represents you!


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  • I felt like shit too using social media. Seeing only beautiful people, beautiful places, blah blah.

    The best thing you can do is to delete EVERYTHING. You will not regret it. And you will realize how stupid, pointless and ridiculous it is.


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