Should I let it go?

Hey there, so I like this girl that goes to my college. I asked her out and she agreed. For some reason, I'm afraid that she could cancel plans because she doesn't really want to see me. If she does, should I just let it go? Or should I persist on dates? I just don't know how she would feel about me to this point. And should I remind her on our date? I'm also afraid she'll "forget"


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  • If she doesn't show up , just let it go. I mean of course something might have happened to her or she did indeed forget. BUT she will finally remember about it and will text you or call you or contact you by any way possible to explain herself. That would show she does care!! It she doesn't come and never even bothers to explain why, she doesn't worth it... Don't you think?

    • True, I guess common sense does play that part. Very true.. Thanks a lot. But I also wouldn't know what to do from the fact that she'll let me know if she could make it or not. I guess I would wait for her response and drop it if she doesn't. What do you think?

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    • Hahaha... I tried..

    • Thanks for MH!!!

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  • If she cancels, don't bother planning another one. If a woman really like you and agrees on a date, she won't cancel it or stand you up.

    • Would it be worth a try giving one more shot?

    • If she cancels then don't bother giving her another chance (unless she has a legitimate reason for canceling)

    • Thanks for the advice

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  • If she stands you up drop her like a bad habit and move on she already knows about the date anone with a brain in there head dont forget dates


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