Should I call?

So I'm into this guy and he knows it. We've messed around a little lately. And have been hanging out (not hooking up) a lot recently. My dilemma is I want to hang out with him tonight should I call or should wait for him to call me. I guess I'm trying not come on too hard so I don't annoy him.


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  • Well has he contacted you before? Because I'm in a situation where I contacted this girl we talked and now I'm just waiting for her to contact me back. So if he didn't contact you before to go somewhere or do something I think you should wait. But if he already asked you some couple days ago. I think it's your turn to ask him to do something fun. :)

    Just remember every answer on G.A.G. is a suggestion and it's only up to you to make your decision since we do not fully know your situation.

    Best of Luck

  • Nothing wrong with calling him.


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