Should I ask him out or just stay as friends?

we're in the friend/aqaitance and I really want to ask him out but then again half of me say no... and I'm afraid it might ruin our friendship... I remember two years ago when my friend used to like him, I accidentally said to him that she likes him, he'd just rolled his eyes and then walked away, I don't know people might change through years. And he's the kind of guy most girls would have a crush on he's not one of the cliques. He and I go to swim team. His zodiac is cancer. Should ask him out? Or just maintain a good friendship? And I'm a freshman in high school.


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  • Yes, ask him out. Might as well. Your friendship won't last past high school anyway unless you go to the same college.


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  • Take the chance, fortune favours the brave..
    Massive respect if you put yourself out there !!!


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