Why is it so hard to find girls with smaller breasts?

im in my 20's and i prefer girls who are smaller up top but literally Everywhere i go or move to i rarely or never find girls who are smaller up top & single at that. Is there somewhere i should be looking?
Id love to meet a girl. In her 20's whos smaller than a c cup. I just seem to be a magnet or metal detector designed to find high C's and 36 DD


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  • A lot of women are smaller up top.
    It's just that many of them wear padded bras or push ups to give the illusion that their much more bigger up there.

    • Thanks, i must be good at picking out larger girls then because every single girl of the 18 I've dated have all been a high c cup or 36DD :(

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    • lol! please link me there can't wait to see the answers

    • girlsaskguys. com/sexual-behavior/q1450180-where-does-the-itty-bitty-titty-committee-hold-their-meetings-in

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  • There are plenty bro. However you can thank victoria's secret, pushup bras, and padding for making them hard to find.

    • No joke.. if only it was more blatantly obvious I'd probably not be single and having to settle for larger topped girls

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  • Well, the average bra size is a 36C or something like that, I've read that its 34D as well. And considering how prevalent obesity is, bigger boobs are more common than smaller ones I guess.


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  • Lol never have had this issue before


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