Why do guys disappear and then reappear after weeks of silence?

I was "talking" to this one guy and he had to move back to another state. Let me add we only hung out twice before he moved back home and yes we were ntimate last date. I really liked him and thought we'd stay in touch thats why. He said he'd keep in touch but the text got fewer and fewer and finally I didn't hear from him anymore. I know he is working and goes to school out there so he's busy but still. Then after weeks of silence I get a text saying "hey!"... I mean, whats up with that? Why do guys act like this? I thought he forgot about me and moved on? I'm more than likely not going to respond to the text but if I did what should I say? Why do guys do these acts? Thats my main question lol


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  • Probably he's on dating sites and corresponding with all kinds of profiles. So, he only occasionally gets around to contacting the REAL people that he actually KNOWS!

  • Let me guess, you leave initiating the conversation to him? If so, then ofc he wouldn't want to text you too often and would try to wait till you text him instead.


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