Do you play matchmaker, here in GaG?

Do you try to hook up GaGers?

After @Chocolateismylover and @Despondency divorce. I have been trying to match her with @lifes_curve_ball <3 They'll make such a cute couple!

  • Yes! GaGers need a push towards love!
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  • Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
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  • I need Toadette's matchmaking service!
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The new matches.

@2014raser = @Littlett25, @Random_chick_2384 (still indecisive)

@Calex = @Zombiebabe (?)

@Despondency = @Account (still shipping them 😄)

@Mr90skid = @DesiDoo (he needs to move to Mississippi)

@llorando = @Harakiri (perfect match!)

SatanClaus = @Genie23

@Grace_Rdz = @Omar5881 :)

@Chocolateismylover = @lifes_curve_ball (my favorite match)

Hope I didn't embarrass anyone >.<


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