What is this "Honeymoon phase" in a relationship?

I saw a bunch of people using the term over and over in a recent question. I think I get the gist of it, but how would you personally define it?


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  • The honey moon phase to me, is the first six months of your relationship.

    It's comparable to being a newly wed wife or a husband.

    Everything is great in the beginning.
    You rarely fight with each other.
    You are both head over heels.
    When the relationship goes onto its first year and more, those feelings become different (because you are entering into a different phase of love).

    The reality is, you eventually you get used to the person you are with.
    Love isn't always exciting.

    Love is knowing that you'd do anything for your partner and would be there through thick and thin.
    In this phase, you probably learn more about your partner (some of which may turn you off -their bad habits).
    You learn to continue loving them anyway and help them through any of it, if it is a challenge.

    At times it may feel like your relationship is becoming stale.
    You should do things to rekindle that excitement before the flame goes out.

    Love always takes work and energy.
    When you're with someone for a very long time, you shouldn't forget all the little things you used to do that made the person fall for you in the first place.

    Even if it's little things such as giving compliments, going on dates together, sitting down and watching a movie etc.

    You should always allow your partner to feel important and not take anything for granted.

    initially the honey moon phase is about getting the girl. Now that time as passed, it's about keeping her and not letting that flame blow out.


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  • This describes the part of the relationship where the two individuals can't get enough of each other. They are always checking each other out, texting, smooching, making eyes, holding hands. Sex is off the charts or at least there's a lot of it. Think of it as the crushing phase.

  • New Relationship Energy!!!

    It's when you are feeding off the good vibes and feelings you get from getting to know someone, the initial attraction and exploration. It settles down once you get into routine or find you aren't that compatible after all.

  • The warm and fuzzy butterflies stage I think. Like where you feel so crazy about each other and are super attracted to each other and all of that. Can't get enough of each other.

  • Typically the first three to six months when you think the other person can do no wrong.

    Then comes disillusionment when their flaws are revealed. Many relationships end here.

  • yeah I would like to know all the stages cause I feel like im left out of that loop


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  • When the real world things don't matter but honeymoon phase is over when you have to incorporate real life responsibilities in with your relationships.

  • It is when you have just established a relationship and you guys are both head over heels and all over each other.

    Then the feeling subsides if you don't maintain it.


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