Should I text her in a week or just let her go? What does this mean?

I had asked a girl to go out with me earlier this week. Anyways, she tells me that she would text me if she could go. Anyways, I had not heard anything for 2 days and I texted her. She tells me sorry but she cannot go out today. I then say, ok that's fine. She then replies back sorry maybe another time. By the way, we went out last Friday and things seemed to go great. She even started talking about getting together this weekend and told me I have to take her somewhere for her 21st birthday in August. Is there still any chance with this girl? Also, should I text her in a week or just let her go?

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  • she's politely turning you down. Learn to pick up hints. Don't text her again.


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  • Wait for her to text you first.


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  • since she mentioned about taking her somewhere on her b-day.. guess there's some interest there basically...:-)

  • Sounds like she is interested in you but not socially attracted to you. Yet. You still have a chance!!!

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