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So I broke up with my ex a few months ago. I haven't talk to her since but I still love her, however my friend set me up on two different blind dates, both went very well and I've been out with both of those girls a few times... I was just having fun and I told them I didn't want anything serious but both of them have told me that they love me, one of them said, "you leaving me would destroy me" and the other said she's going to move closer to me so "we can be together"... I care about both of them a lot... But I still love and want my ex... Me and my ex broke up because we kept getting into fights. She started most of them but her grandma passed away and she's got 3 huge projects for school so we decided to break it off, maybe see other people (me especially because she's the first girl I've dated and we thought me having more experience now might help us later) and it was going good I think. I heard my ex is doing better at school without trying to have a boyfriend and me seeing other people has helped with me being clinging and jealous a lot. I just don't know what to do about two girls who pretty much say I'm they're life... Sorry if this doesn't make sense. It doesn't to me at all. I'm just so confused...


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  • A few dates and women are in love. If you are looking long term the two girls are not worth the time, their love can too easy and just as easy as it came to you it will go to another. If you still care for the other give her time. If you have been clingy, no woman wants a wet rag on her. You new girls sound like wet rags who after time you will want to get rid of.

    Have you considered time alone?


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  • Well its only been a few months mate, she was your first love you will always love her. In my experience your feelings for your first love dont go away they just get less and less everyday. I broke up with my first love 2 years ago and I still love her but I know it wouldn't have worked so I moved on

  • Just be honest to everyone about how you feel.


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