Why don't guys ever approach me?

hey guys i'm 16 going on to be a junior, and my school is pretty small. But one thing that has been bothering me is that i never get approached and usually i'm ignored by guys. I'm not desperate or anything it's just kind of frustrating. I have been called ugly a bunch of times but only on the internet by people i don't know (mostly by guys, and it's just on group chats on kik my friend adds me on i have no idea where she even found it) but i try not to pay attention to it. i'm not the prettiest girl... but i think I have good qualities that make up for that. I'm smart and i'm really nice to everyone and try to treat people how i would like them to treat me. I'm skinny and pretty short (5'3) which is most of my school lol. But yeah I've asked my friends and they say i'm not unapproachable or act weird or anything, and they just don't know... this is me by the way (i'm not as tan as i am in the pic lol.. i'm not even tan i'm a light olive color)

i62. tinypic.
/rkx7cx. jpg
by the way just take out the spaces in the link


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  • First off, I didn't look at the link as I'm twice your age and that would just make me feel weird.

    Are you more shy or outgoing?

    From what you've written, you're more mature than guys your age and they probably can't handle that.


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  • You're 16... I wouldn't worry about it now. Wait til you get to college... You'll be approached by all kinds of guys. Don't be so down on yourself

  • lack of confidence or insecurities


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