Ladies if you was a pledge member in a sorority and the sisters wanted you date a guy you'd find unattractive, would you do it?

In other words you had to pretend you like a guy that you would never date in a million years, so your assignment is to invite him to a party that is hosted by the sorority, then once all of the unattractive average joe guys are there, then that's when you and the other girls have to tell the guys you lied to him, you never really like him, it was just pretend just so you can get accepted into the sorotity.

Would you ever agree to do something like that?
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  • B.) no way, that would be very mean to play with someone's feelings
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  • That's fucked up so nah


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  • A
    for a short time and then we might be friends thereafter

    • What makes you think there would be friendship after words, knowing in the beginning you played with his feelings, just to be accepted in a sorority?

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    • Never had such a communication breakdown and so many, so if you don't mind me asking...
      what state are you from?
      any college/how much?
      any athletics?
      home schooled?
      and finally
      how did this "guy" get into this fix with the sorority pledge?

      If a real story, my experience says the background could be a different one...
      no sorority I know of would put a pledge to this task
      I feel the gal dated the guy to impress the sorority (or at least not appear to be w/o boyfriend, unattractive) - her OWN idea
      Later, when she &/or the boyfriend didn't impress enough... or all the "right" members, she cooked up this story in order to force the guy away and be available to other guys that were coming to their socials and the members liked better

    • Lets start all over... All I need is a yes or no answer, would you fool a guy into making him think you like him just to be accepted in a sorority? Cause after all the sisters want you to pretend you like him and once you and the other girls invited your dates to the party then you tell the guy you lied to him... Would you ever do something like that, (yes or no) it's plan simple.

      I'm not talking about you asking the guy the play along... of course I would never play along just to help her get accepted, knowing I like her but she doesn't like me in that kind of way.

  • 1) Hazing is illegal, so I don't think they'd want to try that route.

    2) I don't screw with people's emotions like that.

  • First of all, I'd never pledge a sorority... I don't need to pay for friends haha

    However, assuming that there was an actually cool sorority to join on my campus and I wanted to be part of it, if this was a requirement of joining I would change my mind and not want to join anymore... obviously if that's the type of thing they think is funny, they're not the type of people I want to be involved with. Another girl said she'd ask a guy to play along, which I think would be a good way to go about it if for some reason you still wanted to join after being asked to do something that mean.

    • I don't think any girl can get me to play along, just to help her get accepted into the sorority, knowing I liked her but she doesn't like me in the same way.

    • Well yeah, if you actually liked her and she didn't like you back, it wouldn't be cool to ask you to do that (assuming she knows you like her), but if you're friends or you do like each other, then just play along for the night

  • No that would be mean.

  • absolutely not how mean would that be. ..


What Guys Said 1

  • Damn. So mean, bro.

    • That's what I'm trying to tell @AthleticMom

    • Agreed this would be in right field from what sorority pledge ship is supposed to learn about sisterhood, brotherhood, peace and self-sacrifice for the good of others. Some hazing has fallen short of these teachings so some "actives" (the members) can realize some ego power over another. I take except to "mean" as there was nothing written that said the guy couldn't have full disclosure of what was up, then opt out. If this happened to the Asker w/o his knowledge, then so sorry, he does deserve our pity & condolences. However, I have NEVER heard of hazing as has been described here...

    • @AthleticMom, this has never happen to me, the reason why I asked this question cause I saw this in a comedy movie once.

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