Risking my friendship with one of my besties?

Hi guys, so one of my favorite friends is single again. So I met her like 2 years ago but considered her one of my friends, not really one of my besties. 8 months ago when school kinda started me and her flirted regularely. It was always very playful but a lot of fun. I didn't think much of it then, but then after a month of plain having fun, I started to have feelings for her. But I was too late because literally a week after it started she got a boyfriend. In that period, I talked to her once per week. I made sure not to overdo it for her and especially for me. A month ago we were chatting on facebook and she told me she was done with the relationship. I was the first one she told that to. Now that she's single again I'm asking myself, is risking the friendship worth it? Me and her are going to a party togheter, I'll see how that goes, I think she thinks we're just going as friends. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


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  • I would be a bit careful about that
    She just broke up with a guy so it may not be the best time to tell her that you like her.
    But I think if you really, really like her its worth the risk.


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