Guys, would you date a girl if she's not girly?

I have short hair and my clothes are mostly shirts and jeans, pretty plain tbh.
I wanted to know if guys like girls who are not super girly, or like most girly stuff...
My friends once commented that I look like a boy since I'm not girly and I'm wondering what guys think about this.
I'm mostly into stuff that most people don't usually like, like video games, bands, skating, etc.


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  • I have went out with a tomboy so to me it really doesn't bother me at all so if you like this High Fives all round LIKE A BOSS.


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  • It doesn't really mather if you are more girly or a bit tomboy, there is a lot of guy out there and they all have different taste. I had a relationship with a not girly at all type of girl and I think that made her even hotter. If your style match with who you are everything is cool, dressing with clothes you aren't comfortable with will only make it weird for you and guys will see it, i think.

  • There's no such thing as not girly now a days.
    Most girls who try to act manly still seem really woman like.

    If you have short hair, that makes you a hot army babe. As simple as that.
    And no...

    You're into things that most people enjoy doing like playing video games, bands, skating, etc.

    Just one question though...
    Do you enjoy gambling? I admire a woman who enjoys that kind of thing with high stakes.

    • Hot army babe? Women are not required to cut their hair when they join the army. So where are you coming up with that?

      To say there is no such thing as not being girly is to ignore what the OP means. You cannot simply redefine the word "girly" to make your statement correct. Obviously the OP means girls that do not fit the status quo in regard to make-up, dress, etc. The OP is not asking whether they are, in fact, girls (eg: have a vagina). With that said clearly many girls are not girly but many guys like a girl that is like that. And many don't. So if that is you (not girly) then guys that like that look will gravitate towards it...

    • Good point, that kills the variety though...

    • People should be allowed to look however they want to look.

  • Right away, it depends on the hair length.

    Are we talking like a bob cut? If so, that's damn sexy depending how you wear it.

    But I hate pixie cuts, honestly makes them look like a prepubescent boy...

  • I want a girlfriend to be feminine. I have male friends if I want to do masculine things

  • ... Wait a sec are you my wife posing as a teenager? I'm on to you.

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