Signs your liking for a girl, is seeing things that aren't there?

What are the signs that your own liking for a girl is making you see things that simply aren't there from her, making you think she likes you back?
anyone had this?


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  • I understand where your coming from. It can be very frustrating when one minute you think their interested, then the next your not so sure. Start by trying to talk to the person as much as possible without making it obvious. if it's at work or socially try and create a scenario where it's only the two of you and get chatting and suggest going for a drink. I done that one I was working late and with little or no notice she came for a drink with me.

    • She's so awkward though when we're alone it makes it hard to keep the convo going

    • maybe some how try and build up trust with her. just talk and text for a period and perhaps if your out some nite, suggest you'll be there if she wants to meet. its hard as she may be shy

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