Really... He asked me to hang out with him twice and then....

I met up with this guy on Friday that I had not seen since new years. We liked each other but had not seen each other because I did not call him because his best friend liked me. I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings so I did not text the guy I like until recently. We hung out friday and had fun. He also talked about how I should have not waited so long to call him.. 8 months. He also made sure I met all his friends that night. He hugged me twice and put his arm around my waist before I left. He asked me twice to hang out on Sunday with him and his friends before I left Friday so I text him today. He does not text me back today at all. I am am aggravated because well I could have gone and did something fun with my friend today she had asked me to hang out with her and I told her no since I thought I already had plans. Now the whole getting ditched thing sucks. Why do you think he changed his mind about me... Guys I don't understand...Thanks all I appreciate it! I want to understand guys.


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  • I have no idea. Maybe it's his way of getting back at you :P


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