K Dot and Tay Dating?

Kendrick lamar and Taylor Swift? I think she's hopless or am i mistaken? They should just hit the fan already we all know she's falling deep as a big fan and as a friend. I personally think her fans would be outraged although some know about her being a fan crushing front line groupie, if it's any consolation Kendrick Lamar hasn't it made clear where he's mind is at, but what we know is that he likes to shake things off lol.

Question; Do you think they should go for it? and if not why?

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  • No matter how much make-up she cakes on her face or how she cuts her hair, Taylor Swift will always be "meh".


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  • I don't know because I don't know who Kendrick Lamarr is.

  • basically who cares? they'll draw attention anyway... so...

    • Yeah granted but the basis of this question was to not wait and see but well if it does actually transpire what would the reaction of both fan bases be.

  • Nothing wrong with some swirling, bro! ;-)


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