My Date's date idea: Museum and a SNACK?

I met a guy online and we have already been on 2 dates. First date was to a bar. Second date was a nice dinner with wine. And since I love going to the museum, our third date (Sat during the day) is to the museum and then a SNACK? Guys, what is this snack business? I don't understand. He seems to like me and is contacting me almost everyday and making date plans immediately. Do I make dinner plans with a friend for that night? What does a snack mean? Haha


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  • I'm not sure what he means by snack. Maybe it's like going for ice cream or something. So it's natural you want to know what you're gonna do for dinner.

    • I should bring some string cheese as our snack! :)

    • Exactly! String cheese is a great on-the-go snack. But maybe he should have clarified the whole snack thing so he didn't leave you wondering. What's the proper etiquette for an after-museum snack?

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  • I think a snack is just something to eat, not like dinner, but more like an ice cream, or some crepes, you know, something that doesn't fill you up You spend many hours in the museum, so you're probably gonna get hungry, so you just get a snack just to get you through until time for dinner.

    That's what I think of a "snack".

    • He said nothing about dinner. On our second date, he mentioned dinner.

    • Yeah, I never he's gonna take you out to dinner. But if you've been 2-3 hours in the museum, you're gonna get hungry, therefore you wanna grab something to eat, and if it's still early for dinner, you don't wanna wait without eating until that comes, so you go grab something to eat.
      I don't know why I got downvoted for that :S

    • I never said*

  • snack... means some little meal like crisps basically... not bad... i prefer it that way... instead of the boring diner...:-P

    • Ha. So he is trying to make it casual? We already went out to dinner and it was fun

  • Why don't you wait and find out? He might have something really cool planned.

  • I don't know just ask him


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