Analyze my situation did I ruin chances with my crush?

So my crush overheard me talking to one of my friends about how I wanted to date this other chick but I clarified I wasn't a lesbian cause I go both ways sort of (not sure how much he heard probs not a lot and I don't thing he has a problem with it)
After that he started treating me more like a friend I guess. His name is sebastian so I told him this story about how when I was 5 my neighbors used have a dog named sebastian and how I hated the name so I called it ruffalando instead of sebastian. He just laughed at my story and I told him I would start calling him ruffalando instead of Sebastian cause he looks like one and he was like 'nooooo no I don't"
Further convo:
Me:u need a nickname
S: Sebas!
Me: that's a horrible nickname! what about bassy or sebby?
S:those are terrible!!
Me: what about sebastard?
S: are u calling me a bastard?
Me: not literally its just funny:3
Aaaaand I feel like he went from being slightly nervouse arund me to treating me more like just a friend" help me what to do !!!( he drove me home once and stares at me when I'm it looking but I feel like I ruined my chances with this nickname convo!!
he also asked if I resented letting him drive me home which I thought was weird but he was smiling when he said It)


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  • This is a tough one, but i think u scared him off cos he thinks u dont like him. First u indicate that u wanted to date a girl and then say u dont like his name and call him a bastard. Lol. I think u should go and tell him that u like him and say u were joking and make sure he is ok with u being bisexual.

    • I told him I just didn't like that they named their dog Sebastian because It was the name of a crab (little mermaid) and not a name for a dog does that help? lol plus I know he doesn't have anything agianst gays but I guess joking around and calling h sebastard was a bit mush oops💔

    • Lol, so true.

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  • Lol, reminds me of elementary school when boys and girls would tease the person they like. You didn't ruin your chances but you did mess up. You indicated you want to date another girl. You said you hate the name Sebastian. Then you give him the nickname of the neighbors dog you didn't like. Also I'm guessing he didn't get the reference to Black Butler you did with the Bassy and Sebby names. I don't blame him for feeling you have something against him. Especially with the Sebastard remark. it was through texting so words don't always translate in the tone it plays out in our head.

    • I love u for the black butlerXD and I dint feel like he had aproblem with it in the moment cause he sort of went along in the convo like it was just harmless teasing but I guess I should just be like"hi sebas" when I see him in the hall and make him think Im less of a doucheXD

    • Lol, Grell is hilarious. I love how uncomfortable he makes Sebastian. X)

      Yeah, I'd go with "Hey, Sebas!" and probably give him a hug.

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  • I know your pain. This girl I wanted to date treated me like a friend when I told her I dated a guy once. Once! I assured her I was bi, not gay, but it was too late. Friend zoned hardcore.

    I guess bis will just be misunderstood. Sorry about your crush.

  • hm, maybe now that he knows that you sort of go both ways he can consider it a deal breaker. About your conversation, if he played it cool I don't see any problems.

    • He has no problem with gays I know and yeah he was pretty cool Ike it was harmless teasing but if guess I should just be like "hi sebas" when I see him form now I'm to play down my douchebaggery XD

  • WOW. Huge turnoff to be compared to a dog, this conversation should've been done maybe 2 months after you guys were together. Now he thinks that he is in the friend zone basically, and he ain't got a chance with you since you don't even like his name. He's smart, keeping his distance i'm guessing. He doesn't want to be the guy who is trying so hard, that's in case he likes you back.
    what you should do is explain to him that what you said was a stupid mistake, and it doesn't mean that you don't like him.


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  • I think you just scared him off! Just tell him how you feel? What could go wrong even if he does just want to be friends at least you tried right?

  • I don't think you ruined your chances at all; it sounds like an innocent flirty convo. Maybe he backed off cause he heard you saying you wanted to date that other person so he was like oh so she doesn't like me. Talk about what he heard with or just be like I like you. Try to step up and flirt more and make it more known that you're into him. Like when he drives you home tell if like you enjoy him driving your home and smile a lot and giggle. Be more hands on. Touching him. Joking with him.

    • I'll never get another opportunity for hm to drive me home though that was just once XD I guess I should just try and be nice next time without the teasing 😭

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    • You are young***

    • 😂 thanks

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