First date places and ideas?

I would like to invite some girl I like to go out with me
I dont have her phone or something but we chat once in a while on an app, so I want to ask her there
I don't know where is it OK to invite her
I was thinking maybe call her for a coffee because money isn't strong with me but maybe that's too boring I don't know
Movies I don't like and I heard they are no good
I never did this so that's the reason I ask for help
What places are good? And if possible some tips will be good too


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  • You can try a free museum, a cheap lunch, or even a picnic in the park.

  • Calling her for a coffee is perfect !

    • K tnx
      And for example we met up there had a coffee had a small talk, then what? Should we like go for a walk or sit there all day? Just some info if it useful I don't have a vehicle, she has.

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