Does she really like me? (plz read desc.)?

So... 2 weeks ago at school on a Friday I made a comment to my friend about her friend being "cute", she said she'd hook us up, so she told her i thought she was cute and she thought i was hot, so we texted a little over the weekend and planned to have a date after school on Monday. I didn't go to school that day and she happened to leave early and found out i wasn't there that day, she then txted about so and asked if i wanted to come over at that moment since i was at home too. I then came over, we cuddled, made out and ended up going all the way with eachother. After all this we talk about going into a relationship and she says if i wanna see a movie on Friday , she doesn't even text, Friday comes and i text Her and ask if we gonna see a movie, she says she can't. Since past days I've been curious to why she doesn't even text me, i text Her and ask why and she says she doesn't like txting and like talking on phone, but even still she doesn't even text little things or if I wanna talk or anything. I DONT GET THIS GIRL... by the way we literaly dont see eachother at school cause our grades are like seperated in different buildings so, only time i would see her is like after school but im usually gone right as bell rings... BUT ANYWAYS! WHAT DO Y'ALL THINK?


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  • Be fine with it. don't come off as needy. sometimes we can confuse beinbeing interested with being needy. play it cool.

    • niceeeeee

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    • well thanks I guess.. but I asked if she wants to hang, and she asked if im free on Thursday. So yeah its just confusing... :/

    • Well a good man keeps a woman at arms length but never loses his grip.

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