Was this a date?

So this guy I have known for a few months now and I keep getting mixed signals from him. I had a formal and he offered to be my date. Neither of us really wanted to go, so he said we should do something that we both like instead. I said yes and he texted me and we got dinner. He ended up having to leave becaues he had to work and he could't find a ride to his house from school. He paid and we had a nice time. Then he texted me later tonight to see how my night was, which he doesn't normally do. And he asked a queston about something we talked about at dinner. The most we have ever done together is study at the library. He also told me what he was wearing to dinnner tonight (he said girls usually worry about how dressed up to get, he was dressed nicely). Lastly, he takes forever to respond to texts, even if he texted me first. We only have a week of school left too. Sorry for all of this random information! Do you think we are just friends or does he like me?


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  • Hmmmm seems like he's a little intrested. Keep talking to him.


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