I met him online, can I ask him out first?

This guy added me on FB, we are chatting since Wednesday, I have never met him, but we have few friends in common. I really enjoy chatting with him, but wondering why is he not asking me out during this weekend.

Can I propose to meet in real life or should I wait for him to suggest this?

He is taking care of his fathers dog while his father is on holiday, so I was thinking that I will propose that I can help him to walk his dog, but I don´t want to make an impression that I´m desperate for a date.


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  • Let him make a move firs. Just relax and enjoy chatting.. He will surely ask you don't be desperate..


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  • I just want to warn you that people lie on the internet so its better if you could meet him first, and when you do decide to meet him in person, just be careful.


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