He thinks he can have me when he wants, I dont get why?

What is it about a girl that will make a guy see her as a "sure thing" when it Come to sex and suff like that?

So I talk to this guy that (I though) I was seeing a lot. But by the way he acts I have noticed that he thinks he has the upper hand, or that im up for anything and that he can get me when he wants. And at first I got really pissed off, but now i Just feel really bad.

I joker around a lot, especially with him because I dont take him that serious, like I dont care if he thinks im weird or not. So yeah, I also joke about sex... but 80% of the things I say is me joking around, but I think he taket it seriously.

So could that be the reason or is it that he can smell my desperaTion? Lol


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  • i'd call this "overconfidence" basiclly...

    • So you Would say its him and not me or?

    • Okay, thanks! :) that made me feel waaay better about myself!

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