After how many dates should you stop meeting other people? Did I stopped too early?

Went on 2 dates with a guy and he seems to be into and I'm really into him too. I haven't log into my dating website account ever since I met him.

However since we are not offical it means he could be dating other people as well.. he said he really likes me and will miss me as soon as he gets going. However he has also mention he like to keeps things light hearted at the begining.

Is that too early to stop talking to other people on the website? am I missing out for stopping logging in?


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  • Only you can answer this question. No one else is in your situation but you and him. You have to ask yourself if you're willing to be vulnerable with him.


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  • keep dating other people till it is official, i could complain if a girl did this with me

    • you meant you couldn't complain?

    • yes thats what i meant

    • We went on 4 dates and he told me he has always been monogamous. I told him I'm the same.. Does that mean we are exclusive now? should I stop dating others?

  • One---------


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  • There's not a specific number of dates you go on before you stop dating anyone else.
    He didn't make things official so I would continue to explore my options.

    • good point. What if things get physical? should you stop dating others? more like protection to from STI.. just thinking..

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    • Tell him no.
      After a significant amount of dates you should ask him once again, are you looking to be in a committed relationship or you just want to have fun?

    • thats a good respond.

  • Two dates is a bit early. Keep your options open unless he makes it clear he has stopped using the site.

    • sure I will keep talking to others.

  • Log on and see when he was last on :)

    • I blocked him by accident and can't unblock lol

    • Oh god haha!

      Ask him if he's gone on any more dates or if he's only dating you :)

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