Can he still like me?

well, 4 years ago i used to like a guy who was in my class and he seemed interested.. one day he sent a girl to ask me if i wanted to be with him but due to a misunderstanding i accidentally rejected him..(eventhough i was in love with him omg!) anyway, the next year he moved to another town and i never saw him again until this year.. he moved back and eventhough he goes to another school, he often comes to my school because there are a lot of his friends there.. i said hi to him once when he was with a friend and he answered with a hi and left.. since then he's never talked to me but me and my friends always catch him looking at me. Everytime i'm around he flirts with girls and being too loud.. the other day i passed by him to go to my friends and after a minute he came and started talking with a group which was next to us.. i think he doesn't have a girlfriend but i dont know what to think! im still attracted to him (not that i never liked other guys after him) and i'd like to approch him and at least be friends but im afraid that he would not even answer to me if i tried:p please help! can he still like me a little? should i talk to him or not?;)


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  • Sounds like he's trying to get your attention but wants to be discreet about it. Go talk to him


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