Friend Crush Reversed?

So here is just a fun question have you ever been in a situation where you had a crush on a friend and they didn't recipricate? Then later on down the road after you lost romantic interest and moved on you find out they suddenly have a crush on you?

Its an awkward and cofusing spot. I actually had this happen with a huge crush of mine a long time ago. I was even single when she came around and I had just lost interest.
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Also it should go without saying but the reverse also applies. If they crushed on you and you didn't like them till they had moved on?


Most Helpful Girl

  • This happened to me this year! He bought me a massive teddy bear (like the size of me) on Valentines day... it was pretty awkward. We're still friends but things feel a little strained :/

    • Did you use to like him before he liked you? or is it that you like him now after he has decided to just be friends?

    • I liked him first. I think he liked me the whole time but i never realized, and he only told me quite a while after i moved on. Bad timing!

    • aww, oh well life goes on his lose for not making a move right ;) Thank you for sharing the story :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • i'd b flattered if that happened basically... so i'd try 2 stick with her...:-)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Oh my God, this happened to me years ago! I was able to move on about my ine-sided crush and then BOOM there my crush goes, chatting with me and flirting with me D:

  • Yeah that's happened to me. But I don't have crushes anymore


What Guys Said 1

  • That's really common.

    • I know its fairly common especially in cases where you are openly flirting with them. That in my opinion is because when you move on you are basically rejecting them and they are losing those feel goods he/she was nice to me and I want that back. But I want to see how often it happens in less obvious cases where for example you may have hinted a little but they never really knew. Cases where they wouldn't feel that rejection.

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