Should I bring up dating again?

so this girl and I have known each other for a long time and never really "liked" each other…until recently. Tuesday night she brought up the dating topic and said she could see us dating in the future and said she likes me like that but doesn't want to ruin a friendship because of a relationship. And I said I understand, we'll wait until the summer to date. But now I regret it. We hung out all last night and cuddled the entire time. And I'm really starting to have feelings for her. Should I bring up dating again? And how can I convince her that this won't ruin our friendship? Thank you.


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  • Don't even talk about how it's going to ruin the relationship. She has already made it clear that she visualizes it, she also cuddles and flirts.

    Next time you're with her just go for it. Start making out.


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