Girls, please tell me am I doing something wrong do I have crap taste in women?

I have had 9 relationships in my life 1 serious 8 not serious first girlfriend we were in primary we were so in love with eachother like kids are she dumped me for another kid in are class, second girlfriend school we dated for two years she asked me was really nice but I broke it off because my feelings changed for her.
GF number 3 she was bisexual she liked guys and girls we both dated for a few monthsI broke it off because
we were better of as friends GF number 4 I asked her out back in year 9 several times she wasn't sure then she went out with me in year 10 she dumped me on fb because I did something stupid posting something on one of her friends saying I would get with you if I was single wihch was bad I wasn't thinking. GF number 5 the serious relationship We dated in college for two years she was very controlling and a B**** whenever I didn't give a crap when she was controlling she would get very nasty and verbal. GF number 6 me and this girl were on and off a lot she would always bring her friends over when I wanted her alone to spend time together and whenever I did at one point she complained that I was never intereacting with her when I was she literally was using me and I didn't realise she also strung me along saying we would get together I asked her this once or twice and she said for me to wait 6 months so I did asked her again and got the same answer so we broke up I was not playing games with her. GF number 7 we dated for two months this girl was really needy and desperate she would blow up my phone with 10 missed calls and 5 unread text messages I didn't like that because I couldnt breath broke up at college. GF number 8 another girl I dated from college wouldn't see my whenver I invited her out only when it was with friends and made up some BS when I invited her. GF numb 9 this girl I went out with never called me at all I was doing all the calling for two months It seemed like she literally didn't give a S***.


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  • Here's what to do...

    Keep going out and meeting new people. Allow girls to come to you and recognize who's interested and who's not. In the beginning of the relaitonship, there should be a lot of interactions (doesnt mean physical but definetly communication and activities). If you see that since the beginning its hard to stay in touch and they're not showing a lot of effort then keep on moving to other people. I'm not saying to play games but make yourself available to those that you like and are reciprocating their feelings. Do not waste time with the ones that are "on the fence" or "not sure". Those girls leave them be and if they show real interest then interact with them more. Otherwise, just keep it friendly but dont expect more.

    Life is short and the time we have on earth is not long at all therefore we need to use that time wisely. Invest your time in something that is worth it.


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  • You aren't doing anything wrong. Modern women dump men when they get bored from ages 25 and under

    • sorry but men do the same

    • Didn't say they didn't but girls do it so much more I answer at least ten of these questions a day about how the girl lost interest out of thin air and moved on

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  • Sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place on that one dude. Trust me, girls are really complicated. But I will tell you that you aren't doing anything wrong. It might seem like everything is going great and then next thing you know you're living in hell. It's just how girls work. I think you just need to play your cards right and let girls be girls. I'm not saying let them control you because that's bullshit, you should not have to slave around for your girlfriend to be happy. Next time you're in a relationship think it through, if it gets serious enough maybe set a few ground rules. But never EVER give into a girl if she really wants to be with you, she will fight for it just as much as you will. If she doesn't want to do anything for your relationship then its not going to work out in the long run. And if she is being too controlling or a total bitch, tell her nicely or as nice as possible. You shouldn't have to deal with her shit all the time like that if she doesn't want to deal with yours. Hope this helps!! Let me know if you have any other questions, just message me.

  • how and why did your feelings for second girlfriend changed?


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