Have u ever been in a distance relationship?

what were the pros and cons,


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  • I am at the moment. It is so nice to fall in love with a personality, not a picture. When two personalities click, it's just magic!
    The downside is that you may never get to meet the person you are in love with. It's a long road to nowhere in most cases.

    • Oh wow!! Thank you so much!! One day I hope to meet the girl I love. It's getting deeper by the day. We chat all day when we can. It's so lovely finding out about each other without sex or other physical things getting in the way!

    • ADD: It's not like she's in a different continent. I guess to be strict it's a different country, but still part of UK.

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  • never because those relationships r doomed most of the times basically...

  • Yep, didn't work out.


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  • Yes. just got dumped from one. I would recommend not doing it, because people tend to lose interest quickly in LDR's. Mine lasted for 3 years though, and now I'm in a crucial mess.

    Pros: none
    Cons: trust issues, boredom, loneliness, money, time

  • Yes. I'm in one now.

    Cons: can't see him, can't go on dates, can't touch him, can't physically be there for him, potential communication issues, more fights, really tries trust, jealousy of others with significant others they see daily, increased chance of breaking up.

    Pros: we're focusing on school, and there's an end date. Distance is up in 17 days. But who's counting?

    • u guys will meet in 17 days?

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    • I am very excited. Like, you have no idea. I get to drive and get him to bring him home.

  • I've been in one for about a year and a half now. It works for us because neither wants the strings that come with a real relationship, but we still get the benefits of having someone to talk to and care about.

    It was kind of weird in the beginning, but once we agree that we'd never meet, everything fell into place. We're not exclusive to each other, and we don't talk about how we fulfill that need for sex.

    He's my best friend, and I couldn't be happier.

    • why wouldn't u like meeting him?

    • Because it would turn into a relationship when all either of us wants is a hookup. I'm not about to travel for a hookup, lol.

  • They work.
    There's not much pros. Just that some people are really worth keeping.
    And I guess it teaches you to really appreciate your time together more


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