Why am I having difficulty attracting this type of women in my life?

I am a Black guy that's attracted to women not of my race. More specifically I like thick and blonde haired women with glasses. They really turn me on. But I find they are not interested in me. Furthermore, the only women that seems interested in me are Black single mothers which I am not all that interested in. What am I doing wrong to attract my type?


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  • You aren't their type.
    And you have high expectations. If the ONLY type you accept is thick blonde girls with glasses, it doesn't surprise anyone you aren't getting lucky.

    • But I can't help it. They're irresistible.

    • I understand that you really like girls like that, but there are not that many girls for you to choose from if you limit your options like this. And it seems that girls like this aren't interested and yet you insist you need to get a thick white woman with glasses.

      Well it's your problem.

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  • We all have our likes but maybe your approach is all wrong, but your expectations are out of whack. You sound like you just want to be turned on and get into bed with someone you like and thats probably how your coming across to the women you approach.
    Someone who looks a certain way isn't a type, its a shallow preference.

    • I'm genuinely attracted to these type of women. They're more than sex objects. However, that's probably how I'm coming across. I have to find a way to get them to trust me.

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  • I think its stupid that some people still think they have to marry someone of their own skin color whatever your attracted to is just that maybe try changing your style up a little what is it currently

    • Maybe that's what I need.

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