Dating 4 months. I told him I liked him very much, and he said he likes me a lot too. Then said, "Some might even say I really really like you." ?

I've been having feelings that I'm not sure if they are love or what. I know for sure that I really like him a lot, and when he said it back to me I felt good. But then, he added, with some hesitation/nervousness it seemed, "Some might even say I really really like you." What did he mean by this? At first, my heart stopped because I thought he was actually going to say "I love you" but he didn't. I'm just wondering if this indicates that he's falling for me or what? Why did he add on the part about what some people would call his feelings?


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  • There's nothing to worry about. Some guys just have a harder time communicating their feelings. He's clearly feeling it for you. Does he show you that he cares about you through his behavior?

    • He definitely shows it, and he's already told me he has a hard time expressing his feelings, so that's why I thought this might have been significant. I just don't know what else to do in the meantime I THINK I love him, but I don't know for sure, so I know i'm not ready to say it, but I want him to know that I really like him a lot so that he feels comfortable expressing his like (or love?). What other things can I do to help him?

    • Who says either of you has to say it right away? The behavior is what matters the most anyway. However, as you get to know each other better and he starts to understand that he won't get any harsh reactions or judgment for telling you what's on his mind, he'll be more likely to express sentiments like that.

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  • Its just an expression, there are no other people. He may want to say that he loves you but thinks its still too soon or unsure of how you'll respond to it.

    • Would guys rather wait for a girl to say it first, or do they want to say it first?

    • It depends on the guy and situation. I think everyone would rather the other person go first honestly.

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